Behind the sceen – Road to KL (part 3).

Things to provide:  Pasport, Sim Card provider for Media Social existences and Money exchange according to destination.  

Knowing that you won a book review contest, of course made you happy right? That what i’ve thought at first. I was thinking that i have already prepare all my needs (pasport and traveller soul), in case I become a winner. But i was wrong. It was My 1st Holiday Trip reward and to being honest this trip was going to be my 2nd time solo travel. 15 November 2016, on 5.17 P.M , a day after the notificaton flyer came out. I’ve been asked by the EO staf to capture my pasport. 
Here comes the panicking moment. Gee, i forgot to check my pasport validation date. My pasport expire date on 18 January 2017. But to travel out of this country, at least this pasport of mine is stil valid 6 months after  departure date. So my expired date should be on July 2017.  Mine was 1 month way to expire,oh No! . It’s mean i should go as soon as possible to the nearest Imigration Center to renew my pasport. 
It was Wednesday, 16 November 2016. After i dropped my daughter to her school i’m going to East Jakarta Immigration and asking bout the documents i must prepare. 

Documents requirments to make pasport. Photo courtessy of Belinda Kusumo.

On Thursday, 17 November 2016, I came late around 7.A.M. The queue line just like in an amusement park. Devided into 3 section, standing queue, green plastic single chair and red single chair then the front line is grey chairs in row. 
I can see there are stil men helping standing queing on behalf applicants. So a pander stil work til this Red chairs area. 

Oh la la. I stood stil 8 A.M. The progress was too slow because our quota being cut off by Online applicants line and  elderly and childrens under age queue line. It almost 9.A.M, i haven’t got arrive at 2nd area yet, trying to keep positive thinking hopefully i will get the chance to the front. One of the officer women already told us to go home since 8.30 A.M. and yes she was right. Me and the 50 people behind me are finally eliminated by the online applicants quota and end of office hour.😭 Crying inside hardly like a little girl doesn’t get what she wants 😂. 

Both Online and Offline service flow inssuance of passports. Photo courtessy of Belinda K.

Ok then, tomorrow i’ll arrive here on 4 A.M. as they suggested me. We’ll see.. I speak my self: ” Impossible, how could someone will do anything to get a pasport such queuing from 4 A.M?”,sound crazieh hah.. But i wanted to proof it my self.   😄 my Detective side in action. 

Friday,18 November 2016. Finally i arrived at East Jakarta Immigration on 3.20 A. M. There were 10 peoples already standing queue in front of the closed gate? I can’t belive it! It’s still dark outside. So creepy. Lucky me, my uncle was company me, so i asked him do a favor, queue for me while i do the make up. 

Gate opened at 6 A.M. We run as fast as we can to sit at the front row as our agreement earlier, seat as queue lineup outside the gate. 2 applicants have to eliminate theirselves due they haven’t provide one of their documents. So it turn me to be at 8 on queue line. 

6.5 A.M finally the administration started serving us. While my turn to step closer to the administration staff, i’ve been told that the way i photocopy my id card was wrong. It can’t be 2 side (front and back) photocopy version or result no need to resize as big as A4 paper,as i made, but i should make that both side in one A4, side by side,hope you knew what i meant. 

Lucky me, a guy who sit beside me also need to do photocopy, so we discuss and agree: he helped me provide what i need, while i save his seat. He turn back to his seat, right on time before his part to step in forward to the first administration desk. 

I believe, good things happened on us as we share our good deeds to one another. 

After his time to step forward, finally my turn came. I stepped closer to this first officer desk, i’ve been ask to show all documents they need (both the real documents and the photocopy version are all being check in here), it has to be similar. After all my documents being checked, i step to the next area right beside this desk to having a computerize queue number with my photo (no print out queue line up paper given to us).

Then i’ve been escorted to enter the building waiting the 2nd queue, from here you can’t replace the lineup with a pander. 
It took about 8-10 minutes waiting then my name being call manually because the system eror, it should be my queue number and photo of applicant appear in LCD monitor. In here my documents also being checked by the officer. After this section i have to go the 2nd floor waiting another queue to get final check and pasport photo session. 
8.20 A.M i finally finished the ritual 😄 phew so relieving. 

After this i’ve been told to pay the administration fee 355.000 IDR to any Bank listed that work with this goverment administrative office on the same day if i wanted their process my pasport on schedule. I chose to pay it to BRI, the nearest Bank near the building right in the corner by info from asking park man,while others went far to BNI or Mandiri Bank which 20-50 metres away. 8.30 A.M all the requirements needed finnish. Yeepy.. next 4day it’s time to go back to pick up my new pasport. 
Wednesday,23 November 2016 on 2.P.M.  I went back to East Jakarta Immigration administration office to pick up my pasport as officer suggested me. Yay..

The next matter is how much money should i prepare for my trip? Since i’m kinda culinary eater that starve easily. I check my bank deposit, OMG i’m out of fund. Keep positive thinking, miracle could happen at H-1, anyway there stil 1 month to start making money. I can work hard on my daily catering revenue.  I believe God has provide what i need earlier before i ask him.  If He can made me to become one of the winner til this path. HE must be has something bigger to be given on me. 

I bet even i bring enough money to support my lifestyle, i would never have a chance to stop at the mall due the strick schedules (itenerary). And yes, this is what really happened during my trip. 
So if any of you think, we were got a pocket money (fund) to spend, tettt… you were completely wrong. How shame on us, to ask more than it. The free holiday trip already cover  our accomodation (hotel) and our stomach (F&B). Too greedy if we expect some more. 

3. The last is about Sim card provider. Will i use my Indonesia sim card or should i use KL simcard? 
I started to check it to the nearest branch and got the info. Ok as pre paid customer, i should have at least 2GB Quota Data and prepare unuse telephone pulses 275 for SosMed use and if i wanted possibility to get inside calls or outside calls i should prepare some more. So it cost budgeting 300.000IDR – 500.000IDR. Fantastic!! 

Both option is to open the Roaming data. Huh! Wallet Pirates 😄✌🏻️. End of discussion. And I started thinking to My Sisterhood friend has told me. Buy the local simcard is the economic way to keep exist on media social, 😉 trust me. 

So here is my estimation 3d2n self travel budgeting : 
1. Roundtrip tickets 400-2.000.000IDR.

2. Hotel 700.000-2.000.000IDR/night

3. F&B RM20-25/mealtime 

4. Shopping for my self/family

5. Shopping for friend (if possible) 
Total spent about 5-7 000.000IDR if using our own budget, minimalist. Depent on how improvident we are. Mine in strick tour like this, i only spent less than 1.000.000IDR for 3 days trip. My estimation midle up class could spend about 3.000.000IDR Maximum for 3 days. Thrifty kinda person. 
Note: this estimation is not absolute cause every person has different lifestyle. 
1. Pasport: Make sure your pasport validity date before planning on trip. Or entering a contest with free holiday reward, is a MUST! 

2. Financial:  Never expect to get an extra fund from the organizer. It will be a rare BONUS if they provided us, after all they already bought us return airlines ticket and accomodation. Also no need to think that fund you’ve prepare doesn’t enough to support your needs. Trust me, you won’t have much time shopping for gift souvenirs due strick schedules. 

3. Money exchage: Buy currency before your departure date. Or if you have enough fund on your bank account, you may use your debit card or credit card in ATM soon you are arrive at the airport or ATM booth near your hotel area. 

4. For traveller with babies or elderly. Make sure you bring everything they need on your cabin bag, such as  diapers, medicine and milk powder. Adding more for female traveler, wether you are in or not in Mestruation Period, prepare this hygiene panty who knows you might need it as i am but no drugstore or mini market open to serve what i need during my 1st day trip. It’s gonna be a disaster and shamefully moment. 

Hope my experience could be useful for readers specially newbie solo traveler. 

The end.

PS: I will start writing in Bahasa Indonesia on my next post due my readers mostly speak our mother language Bahasa Indonesia. 


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