Behind the sceen – Road to KL (part 2) 

“Meet and Greet with Datuk Stella Chin”.

Tuesday 8 November 2016, It was the second time I attended Stellavingze Indonesia event trough Wajah Bunda Indonesia community. 
The venue was in Millenium Hotel Sirih, Tanah Abang, Jakarta. Held on 2 – 4.P.M.The program is Meet & Greet with Datuk Stella Chin.

Me after Meet & Greet event. Thanks sister Heni Nurmala for the favor.

As ussually i always try best to arrive 15 minutes before the event start, so i could mingle with sisters from WBI Community and outside our community. 
Right on time at 2.P.M the Ballroom door has opened for us. We as the Talk Show attendees were escorted to confirm our participation by signing on the guest name list at reception desk and took our goodiebag. 

WBI Members who joined the event. Photo courtessy of Mom Immy.
The room decorated was so feminine with the white pink color. Too bad my smartphone pictures result wasn’t good to share here. Guess, i was the one to blame,for my lack. 
Datuk Stella Chin here shares many positive thing from her experiences and how to balance our lives as the Stellavingze logo wich have 5 Points to make it ⭐️ our Star. 

Datuk Stella began her speech with opening reminder:

No matter how much money we have,is not comparable if our homes without LOVE. That’s Not a Success. 
When she was 21 years old, she thought what is her priority to be achieve? She chose 1. Education 

2. Experience 

3. Married 

Made her personal life has changed. She become a thinker. Her mindset was 10 years older from women on her age. She worked so hard dailies. She keep telling herself “I’m young, I have a healthy body, I can work hard” she works like this everday for about six years. 
At 27 years old, She finally reached her goals. Has a lot of money, being wealth with good business and already has a grade. Is time for her to enjoy her work hard result. She became a elite high class socialita member. As Socialita she does shopping & travelling. Showing of the bag price, diamonds she bought or her childs achievement in in education during chats with her socialita friends on the gathering events was a must thing to do. That’s what they did among them. It was happily moments at first, but it only last for a year. She felt it all useless. She started to compare, complain and conden. She tries hard to find out what trully makes her happy and feel her complete. 
At 35 years old. Finally she found out, only by social charity activity, that was makes her complete and happy. She started to help the elderly residences and orphanages. She keep doing it until now. 
At 45 years old. She knew Money can’t help people 100%. Only education could. 

So she started helping women by StellaCommunity events. Like i attend now. 
Every woman is a Star. Base on Stellavingze logo, the 5 points Star is: 

1. Beauty ~> Confidence

2. Health ~> Something we must maintain & care about. 

3. Soul ~> goal: Happy Soul.

4. Wisdom ~> in work hard, being deligent is not enough & not worth if finally our healthy drop down til we have to stay into hospital. 

5. Charisma. 
These no 3-5 is something that we can’t buy. So how to deal with it? Upgrade it 20%. Don’t stop maintaining these 5 points. Like a clockwise. 
Stellavingze builds to change women and childrens. For her is important to: 

1. Change our Mindset.

2. Our words in communication with others. 

All has to be positive first to be driven. 
The 4 E:

1. Education 

2. Experience

This two is a basic thing we should upgrade. 

3. Exploration 

What kind a neighborhood we ussually meet determine us. So choose wisely! 

Friends for shopping at traditional market, cooking, sleeping, lunch time, dinner time, when we are waiting at the doctor,ATM, etc What do we do? Mostly positive actions or Only Gossiping? 

4. Expression. 
Build family inner strength start from Love. 
Money can’t help. But if the woman at home has ability and responsibility, she will make sure her family happy. Kids will have hope and husband will stables loving us. 
We’ve been showing two corporate events trailer about Stella visits at a schools, children with special need orphanage 
Happiness according to pupil at school where she made an event was simple. Their mom and dad love each other, meet parents after school soon their arrive at home and love their sister or brother. 
Happiness according our elderly parents was simple. Being at their children house watching their grandchild growth and being love by us, their children unconditionally. 
How bout your family daily live ? 

Do your kids have a hope? 

Do your parents happy because of You? 
Remind our children to love her parents by giving them real role model. 

After her sharing session, we were invited to taste some healthy snacks and beverage. There were  book signature and photo session with her at the left of main stage. All queued properly. 

After signature my book. Photo session with Datuk Stella Chin. Photo taken by a favor of Miss Winda.

I can say it was a full package gift event that Stella has gave us to fulfill her 1st absent. Plus on this day we got a nice surprise, Her husband Datuk Allan Wong also company her, here special to share his point of view about Stella and her social mission, their ways to manage their marriage life.
I can feel the sincerity of his compliments about Stella and how he supported her. 

How lucky a woman will be, to have such suporting husband 
and in return woman should be a partner and a motivator for her husband career. Simbiosis mutualisme that husband and wife worked as teammates is the key of success both in marriage and parenting life. 

After this we got a group photo session, remember at the previous i told you the possibility, about seperated audience as education grade? Yes,it happened that day. We were having group photo session according to the degree of appropriateness. An annoyance little issue comes from a community group that like to be put in priority while Wajah Bunda Indonsia members should receive the first place to have the photo group session with Datuk Stella Chin and Datuk Allan Wong. I can see how good Stella and her staff solved this issue elegantly. Congratz with their patience.

WBI Members having group photo session with our humble Datuk Allan Wong & Datuk Stella Chin. Photo courtessy of Mom Immy.
I’m so lucky to have this opportunity. Praise the Lord. Thank you WBI & Thank you Stellavingze. 










@Wajah Bunda Indonesia


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