My Holiday Trip 3D2N to Kuala Lumpur.

Hi all! i’m back…

Happy New Year 2017 for all of you. May this year give us all more unity,joy and peace,give us more blessings: in health,in financial,in career and business. Amen. 

Last 15 November 2016, i’ve been told by the event organizer staff that i won a book review titled “Kebahagiaan Yang Kutahu”. There are 6 participants who won this competition,including me.  As an amateur writers this is like seeing a firewall during New Years Eve in the sky. So shocking,happy and gratefull to receive it. Thanks to my Almighty God for giving me such an opportunity trough Stellavingze Indonesia event. Only by HIS Grace i received it. I am the only one amateur writer, while five other winners are senior bloggers and two of them already has her own published books. Salut๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป.

Photo courtesy of Stellavingze Indonesia.

I stil remembered how the first time i knew about this info, i was in the train on the way back home from visiting a friend canteen at Bekasi. A friend of mine Taty was mentioned my name on Facebook. 

I fastly started searching the other winners trough social media. I believe if i could gather all of us, there will be no akward momment at the first time we meet up. The ice breaking a way far earlier before the departure time. ๐Ÿ˜‰ In Bahasa Indonesia there is proverb “Tak kenal maka tak sayang”. First thing to do and easiest way is adding Alida social media and contact number,then adding Hana and Herva. Thanks to Alida, who have the same mision and helped me find the two last winners, Gloria and Marina and put them into our mini pre departure Whatsapp group. By this mini group, if there is any of us get info from EO staff, we agree to share it and remind each other, here we also share experiences and everything we might need for this trip. 

Here comes the advanture begin:

1st Day. Friday,16 December 2016.

We all gathered at Terminal 2F International Airport ๐Ÿ›ซ Soekarno Hatta Jakarta on 02.30 A.M. We took Malaysian Airlines with flight number MH 726, departure time on 04.40 A.M , arrival time on 07.40 A.M. 

4 winners on board. Photo courtessy of mine.

We got free return tickets from the EO. I checked it that day from, the ticket price was 2.045.000IDR, for 1trip per person, wow๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป.. thanks to Datuk Stella Wong๐Ÿค—. 

After all of us gathered,we grouping to take queue and check in our baggage, then having early breakfast at Starbucks (all paid by Miss Yusti – our tour leader, Marketing Manager at Stellavingze Indonesia). Here below i’m using my old photo document to introduce her.

Miss Yusti sitting on the left. As speaker during Talk Show. Photo courtessy of mine.

We only having 10 minutes to finnish it, cause we have to be ready at the boarding room soon. I ordered hot chamomile tea and smoke beef quiche.

This my early breakfast menu on Starbucks. Photo courtessy of mine.

On flight, we got two option for breakfast menu, i chose nasi lemak and a cup of apple juice. Instead of scrambled egg, here the menu  appearance.

Nasi Lemak
Meals in a plane. Photo courtessy of mine.

Soon we arrived at KLIA 1, we straightly took our ludgage. 

Funny thing happened after I took this photo shoot. Actually we can catch Miss Yusti and Hana. But me and  Gloria decided to wait our friends who walk bout 7feets behind us. Til they seeing us. I helped Gloria in return to take her picture as she do me a favor earlier in this spot. Three other winners also stop to have their moments. So we were being left behind by Miss Yusti and Hana, who walk fast to take their ludggage. Well, i’m not panic because i’ve been there few times four years ago,i still memorize the way out back the old day. But still I felt unwell caused i believe there must be someone blame me on behalf our fault. In same time, i felt terible to cause such a hetic moment on Miss Yusti. Self speaking: “Think fast Belinda! Waiting Miss Yusti return to the spot we were seperated or being an independent mature traveller escorting my friends out til baggage pick up area?”. We finally agreed to catch her at baggage pick up area. 

After custom check, we straight going to bagage area.When we were arrived there she wasn’t there yet. I believe she returns to find us, hope she will forgives us.

Arrival Custom Check point. Photo courtessy Alida.

Finding and met our mini bus driver. Her real name is Mrs. Nariza a.k.a Miss Mona (She wellknown by this name, because She is the only one female gender driver in the travel business company in town and there is Mona Holiday name on her vehicle). 

Our funny minibus driver.

We asked her, where to find the nearest booth that selling sim card provider.  So we could change our mobile phone ๐Ÿ“ฒ sim card provider to the KL local sim card named “digi”, you may check the info from here,, which cost us only RM 20. 
Digi sim card counter booth at KLIA 1. Photo courtessy of Alida

I bought Malaysia currency a day before departure date at PT. Antarartha Benua oposite of Mall Kelapa Gading 2. The exchange currency rate that day was 1RM=3050 Idr. So the simcard price was Rp.61.500,-). Much cheaper than other sim card provider has offered us inside the airport arrival counters RM 40-50. Where to buy it?  after baggage area, goes out to the left,you will see yellow booth near money changer.
Why i changing my sim card to local? The reason was it much economic in budgeting rather than i keep using my original sim card. You may see the differences later on my next posting with title “Behind the sceen road to KL free trip”.

Ok,we finally ready to begin our journey. From KLIA1 we straight to Melaka. The itenerary has changed due some company priority policy. Oh no, we already wore our formal outfits.  Plus i already wore my Schutz Snake  Pump Heels shoe from Papa Georgia Sompotan. Now i regret not hearing my mom advice, wore the Zarra black & white checkers dress that my brother bought for me. It  was 2-3 hours road trip. We stop at first posible Gasoline station to buy mineral water and snack (all paid by Miss.Yusti). 

It was my first trip to Melaka.  So exiting to arrive there soon, experience and seeing my self the beautiful herritage buildings around there. 

When we were finally arrive there, i can’t stop amaze how they successly keep this tourist area look stunning like this. This place so clean,manageble, and eyecatching! 

As a tourist, i felt so secure to be in this area, cause i saw Police men and Police women officers secure the area since the first time i stepped out from our mini bus.

Police women and Policeman around Malacca tourist spot. Photo courtessy of mine.

There are beautiful color becak and booth selling Melaka merchandise gifts.

Eyecatching Becak at Malacca. Photo courtessy of mine.
Souvenirs shops. Photo courtessy of mine.
Refrigerator magnets. Photo courtessy of mine.
This souvenir remind me of Jogja pencil. Photo courtessy of mine.

We took personal & few group pictures with Christ Church  as our backdrop. This area named The Stadthuys. Characterised by salmon red walls, the Stadthyus was once the official residence of the Dutch governors and their officers. The building is a fine example of Dutch woodworking and masonry, presently houses the History and Ethnography Museum as well as the Literature Museum. Built in 1645, the Stadthyusis the oldest remainining Dutch building in Southeast Asia.

Group photo session. Photo courtessy of Herva Y.

Photo courtessy of Alida.
Me at Malacca tourist spot. Photo courtessy of mine left ,the two on the right side courtessy of Alida.

One thing that magnet me was the cold lemonade beverage that sold by the local in small bicycle cart,the sun was hot as we are near the beach. So i fastly bought it,the price RM 5.5 .

Jonker Street. Photo courtessy of Herva Y.

Jonker Street is the vibrant heart of Melaka City, where old town houses and shophpuses are transformed into cafes, pubs and boutiques. There are also antique shops offering collectibles dating back hundred of years as well as souvenirs shops and hawker food stalls. Jonker Street is liveliest at night, especially during festive seasons. 

From here,we were attending lunch invitation by Datuk Allan Wong at Makko Restaurant.

Makko Restaurant.

Makko Map & Contact Number.

OMG! what should i do,what should i say? all questions i prepared from Jakarta seem dissapear from my memory, just watch and listen, that’s all i can do during that time. A little help of translate English to Bahasa and vise versa, beside filling the lost words ๐Ÿ˜„ during the conversation (*sentence saver hero). 

Our lunch dishes serve on table. Photo courtessy of mine.

Gee,what a pleasant surprise we got on our first day! Yeepy๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป. So honor and blessed to have a lunch with him,this is the second time i met him in person. We were having nice little chit chat during our lunch while enjoying the delicious meals served at the table. I heard it was the only one famous Hallal peranakan restaurant in these area. For having lunch in here, we should take a line queue list first. Make sure the waitres noted it,and remind the list. Soon we will be call if our reservation name already on top of the queue list.

Waiting our reservation name list being call. Queue and chat. Photo courtessy of Marina

Group photo with Our Georgeous Humble Datuk Allan Wong and Our lovely Miss Yusti. Photo courtessy of Miss Yusti

After lunch, we were heading back to Christ curch area, cause we haven’t finnish the chance to capture few area there. I personally interest to the grafiti wall (street mural) near the river, up front the Christ Church area.

Grafiti wall near riverside of Malacca. Photo courtessy of Mine.

I also wanted to climb the top of the St.Paul’s hill, to watch over all Melaka area from the top, like eagle eye ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜„ too bad my smartphone can’t capture what it’s look like due to backlighting๐Ÿ˜ข. This place is one of famous photo spot with old building on the tops which having ten big rectangle heavy rocks. Aside from breathtaking view of the city and its coatsline, a walk up at St.Paul’s Hills will give visitors a sense of Melaka’s history. When the Portuguese capture Melaka, a fortress and a chapel were built here, named A’Famosa and Nosa Senhora respectively. St.Francis Xavier, who regularly visited the chapel, was buried here in 1553 before his remains were transfered to Goa in India. 

On the top hill.

There are beautiful color becak and booth selling Melaka merchandise gifts around the waterfall. 

Queen Vintoria Water fountain. Stil working well. Photo courtessy of Marina.

I also wanted to have a photoshoot with an old big ship look like Pirates Ship as the background. It is a Maritime Museum also knows as Flor De La Mar, the museum is fashioned after the Portuguese ship that sank off the coast of Melaka. With paintings and exhibits detailing the maritim history of Melaka, the museum also display porcelain, textiles, spices and even sunken treasures taken off Diana, another shipwrecks. 

Ay yay Captain! Photo courtessy of Mine.

While waiting my friends back to meeting point, i drank a coconut near the river enjoying the breeze. I had beautiful photos from these area thanks to my friends. 

Riverside at Malcca. Photo courtessy of mine.

From Christ Church area photoshoots, we’ve been brought to a nice little cake shop named Nadeje which serve famous delicious miles crepes. We had a wonderful afternoon snack and tea time.

Nadeje Original Miles Crepes. Photo courtessy of mine.

 I ordered Original taste on menu chart,as it reccomended by Miss Yusti. I forgot what i was ordered for the beverage, Honey Lemon if i’m not wrong. All cost about RM20.

Group photo before crafting the cake. Photo courtessy of mine.

From here, we go back to Kuala Lumpur, arrived there and check in at the hotel,on 08.45 P.M. We stayed at Hotel Royal Kuala Lumpur. You may check this link for info It was 4โญ๏ธhotel. I checked the room rate from trivago was 650.000 IDR per night. Dropped our ludggage to our hotel room, then having late dinner outside the hotel. 

Christmas decoration at the hotel. Photo of mine.

From hotel, walks to the right about 15 feets. I chose Tom Yang soup and sweet ice tea for my dinner. 

Dinner venue & menu. Photo courtessy of mine.

After dinner we go back to the hotel, getting shower and take a rest. I got a nice city view from my room,again i sadly can’t capture it due my smart phone result the light glance off the glass of the window. I can see KL tower from here. 

2nd Day. Saturday, 17 December 2016.

We woke up,taking shower and getting ready to having our breakfast at the hotel. 

Breakfast at the hotel. Phot of mine.

After breakfast we were heading to Sungei Wang Plaza at the West from our hotel. 

Me in front of Sungei Wang Plaza. Photo courtessy of Alida.

The plaza  wasn’t open yet. So we walked further to find any possible booth which might selling refigerator magnet or keychain for souvenir as we saw in Melaka. 

Security said the store gate open at 10.00 A.M. but few of the store openned 10.30-11.00 A.M. Oh la la, so this meant i just have 30 minute to 1 hour? “Alright then,lets have a quick hunt like an eagle”. I remind my self we must gather in hotel on 11.00 A.M. So i just have a short time to hunt and get stuf that my family and friends were asked (me like a genie in the bottle, feel likes to fulfill their wished. (Self speaking, of course their wishes is my comand. They always  bring back home what i asked them to. It’s my turn now. This is what a family should do to each other). Mom asking a flat red shoe and black leather bag. Husband asking one limited edition perfume. Brother asking me to buy him Reese Peanut  and Twix chocolate, and has order me to buy something for his niece and our little sister (well, he is a family kinda man). 

From hotel, firts we were going to having group pictures with background the Twin Tower from far.

Group photo. Photo courtessy of Gloria M.

Second,we are going to visit one of nine Kesultanan Kingdom (sorry i forgot the family name who own this property,info will be given soon). 

In front Istana Sultan. Photo courtessy of Miss Yusti.
Group photo. Photo courtessy of Miss Yusti

Me and the Sultan guards.

Third, we are heading to Melilea Kuala Lumpur office tower for office tour and attending corporate event. 

Melilea KL from distance.

The building was at Bangsar Office area (in Jakarta similar to SCBD area,it is a Premium prestigeous area for the owner whoever having a property in this area). Only the elite circle knew the info. But before the office tour begin , we had our lunch first at balifeel restaurant.

Lobby of Melilea. Photo taken by Marina.

I ordered one package menu for 2 pax, sharing it with sister @lidbahawares and honey lime lemongrass for the beverage. Perfect combo ๐Ÿ˜‰. 

Lunch at balifeel.

Here the office tour begin:

Ground floor. At the left on entrace alley there are security desk and lift. At the right side, we can see clearly the waiting area, with cozy chairs and sofa like a nice living room. I can see Christmas ornament on the left as i entered the room. 

I saw the fireplace ornaments, green grass raindeer ornaments, feels like being in my own house and my parents villa in Citeko,Cisarua,Bogor. A receiption desk and a table with inner new comer variant beverage drink soy tea and soy coffee that will be launching soon. (Gee,love them both as i like the taste of their famous soybean powder drink).

The table in left are Melia outer and inner products.on the right side there is a pink white merchandise desk. All the result from this merchandise sellings are going for Stellavingze social charity purpose. then we will meet a placing order desk,which we will be serve as we met customer service on a bank. At the end of the corner, we can see desk place to get product out.

Melilea Outer Products. Photo courtessy of mine.
Melilea Inner nutrition product. Photo courtessy of mine.

3rd floor. Is a place where StarLadies members of Stella comunity gathered during the Stellavingze events. And also there is Yoga Class room. 

3rd Floor. StellaComunity room & Yoga Classroom.

Any of you here love soft pink and white color? I bet you won’t step out from this room, even i as a blue color lover, suddenly falling in love with color. Yes,i deffinetly agree that this place showing the heart of Stellavingze vision. Pink is represent feminimisme. White represent sincerity,generousit,honestly and pure. Stellavingze logo, i personaly conclude, it represented the essence of how StarLadies can manage their goals. 

The white reception desk with white goose on both side, left and right. Complete the mark symbol as loyality, sealed with white pillars like cage. I heard from the staff, it all Datuk Stella idea. She even handling and pick up the material,hunting and buying all ornaments, and told her staff where to place it. (Sounds like  my mom when she decorated the house corner or when she helped me decorating party events).

The yoga class room. This is the place where you could find me (if i’m living this city, wished i was).


5th Floor.
Beauty Room and Gym  Room.

This is the entrance receptionist desk for this floor. 

Receptionist desk at 5th floor. Photo courtessy of Mine.
Entrance livingroom on BR & Gym

Wow,i can feel the warm welcome from each floor staff as i stepped each floor area. Feels like home,i wanna hug them all tightly. Thinking don’t wanna leave this place and feel like wanted to sleep over (silly wishes,LOL).
OMG Dressing room, the toilet booths and showers booth  are in one room. There are lockers too. 
Beauty & Dressings 3in1 Room. Photo courtessy of Mine.

The Gym room also has it own toilet and dressings room, and little pantry. 

Gym area. Photo courtessy of mine.

2nd Floor. Multifunction room. 

Multifunction Room from my seat. Photo courtessy of Mine.

This is the place where they regularly having corporate events. There must be a special programme that day. People from Thailand,Indonesia (here i’m speaking six of us,the winner. Got special seats at front rows. Yeeepy…they surely knew how to please me, the petite lady in da house ๐Ÿ˜‰) ,China, Taiwan and Singapore (if i wasn’t wrong,cross my fingers) all gathered here. All  foccused to hear Datuk Allan shares his personal experienced in five language. Sometimes he mix the words in one sentence. Wow, only a genious kinda person could do that clap my hands in the air,the product organic plantation method, success stories that can pump up my motivation to reach my goals and dream (i cried,to know how these people can changed their life by  support system). Work hard and never give up,is the key of success. We also saw the events trailer when Datuk Allan Wong and her wife – Datuk Stella Chin invited to receive an International prestige recognitions. Salut,for them both. 

Datuk Allan Wong speech on stage. Photo courtessy of Mine.

After the share,we thought Datuk Allan Wong shortly heading to New Zealand as he told us yesterday during the luch banquet. We’ve been entertained with Christmas Carol Choirs,opening with a man wore Santa Clause costume came in and giving us a white-red strip stick candy. Feels like having earlier Christmas Eve party in my house. Not so long after,few minutes then Datuk Allan came back to the stage and were having Manequin Challenge. 
Christmas Carol Choirs.

Then here comes a surprising momment, a three layer round birthday cakes coming and staff singing him a birthday song. OMG! wished we knew it earlier. He as The birthday man entertained us all with three songs,as the staff request. He fulfilled it.  When he started singing the song, all staf started histeria. While we,winners from Indonesia amazed with his beautiful voice. A staf came with a rattan  basket filled with his poster and starting to deliver it to the audience. We feel like we are on a music concert now. We feel the euphoria,how staff and crowds love him so much, i can see it naturaly came from their heart. No wonder this company become success like this,because the owner were loved by the staff (in vise versa,they also love their staff and treat them as family and teamwork), they become a good role model and maintain a condusive pleasant working enviroment with positive ethics. So lucky to be a part of this. 
The party end up with an old Chinese tradition where Datuk Allan give us Gold Eggand giving his blessing for each of us. I will attach the picture soon i get it.

After the party, we back to the Ground floor. In here some of our friends got an outer product knowledge from Miss. Shiva. 

Miss.Shiva presenting Outer Skin Nutrition Product. Photo courtessy of Alida.

The office tour finnished around 9.P.M, we go back to our hotel and having dinner at The Old Town Cofee, left outside entrance  lobby. I forgot to capture the dish appereance and named and price. I just a coppied and ordered exactly like Miss Yusti has order (in Bahasa Indonesia:yakin pasti enak). When it came,the soup taste like tom yang, theres is shrimps and white noodle like kwetiau,but the taste different with other original kwetiau, cause it made by different ingredients.

Full happy tummy finally, make me wanted go back to my room, so i could having shower then packing my ludgage before i fall sleeping. Tommorow we should wake up early and run for buy some gift souvenir. 

3rd Day. Sunday, 18 December 2016.

I woke up late, so i fastly catch up my friend on breakfast area floor, after took a shower and get dress. And catch up them again twice at Sungei Wang Plaza area. 

Photo courtessy of Herva Y.

Bought some chocolates and nail cutter key chains for friends. 

Photo courtessy of Herva Y.

Then go back to my hotel room, to bring down my ludgage and report to front desk about my check out. 11 A.M right on time Miss Mona has arrived. We drove to the airport immediately. We flew back to Jakarta  also with Malaysian Airlines with flight number MH 721,  departure time 2.P.M and arival time was 3.P.M. 

Winners ready back to Jakarta. Photo courtessy of Miss Yusti.
At the boarding room. Photo courtessy of Miss Yusti.
Meals on board. Super yummy ๐Ÿ˜‹
Though flight were having delayed, due flight flying permitt pass approval not yet out from tower, we kill the waiting time with personal interview by Miss Yusti. It was a treasured memory I will never forget. 


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