Classic Apple Pie

Hi all! Here Belinda back to post bout one of the pie recipe i tried.  At firts i planned to make the old Mc Donald’s Apple Pie, it similar also like California Fried Chicken Apple Pie. But i wasnt sure bout the substitution  of 1 ingredients in Indonesia herbs name. For the filling i used from YouTube videos and for the pie crust i’ve got from Facebook user. 

I started from making the Apple Pie Crust dough. Here the art of trick came in. 😉 when you knew that you only have minimum ingredients & budgets. I bet you will do exactly like i do. Try any possible recipe according to your supply, find any posible nearer to your taste. 

So here i go: scalling the flour, scalling the butter, mixed it up with whisk than my hand. Since i don’t have the food processor yet, but don’t worry my hand all cleaned & sanitized enough when i did it. 😉 then pour 1 whole egg into it and mixed the dough again til it elastic. 

This is the 1st time i make it my own pie crust dough. I was exited. Til i forgot the rolling pin can sliding down from the table so i back & forth to the kitchen washbasin  to clean it up. 

Then i made the filling. Gee,guess what i forgot after the filling mixture set up? I FORGOT to preheat the oven. What an amateur i am?! Side effect of too exited to try the recipe and feed up my empty stomach. 😁. Readers don’t try this at home LOL. Prepare all things u need 1st. Such stainless thong to pull out the oven rack, the anti burn baking gloves, timer, oven temperature etc. 

 Classic Apple Pie Recipe

Pie Crust: 100g butter, 250g all purpose flour, 1 whole egg, i modified it by adding 1 tbs vannila crystal powder. 

Method: mixed the flour and butter. Add vanilla powder. Add egg. Roll it on working table above the dough sheet. Then place it to pie mould. Set aside. 

Topping: pealing the apple skin. Cut and slice it. I used 3sweet rose apple. Coz thats all i got. On recipe used 6 apples. 

Filling: 2 whole egg, 250 ml milk, 5-8 sugar according to your taste ( if the apple sweet you might use a little as u need), 1 tbs vanilla extract, i modified the real recipe by adding 1 tbs cinnamon  powder into the mixture and 1 over the top of the mixture 

You may also can learn trough this link

Preparation: set the apples above the pie crust, pour the filling mix. Oven it for abou 45-60 minutes in 200 degree celcius. *depend on your ove character. 

Here is the result. Perfect combination for my afternoon coffee. #latepost #yesterday #afternoon #snacktime #happybaking #bakingwife #bakingmama #amateur #inaction #Bel’skitchen


Here is the apple pie look alike a minute before it entered to the oven. 


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